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Genny and Peter Nichols

27th March 2010 - Rhebokskloof Wine Estate

Dear Sally,

After a beautiful, sunny two weeks in South Africa we are back in London and back to reality. Everything about our wedding went perfectly. The outdoor ceremony at Rhebokskloof was like a fairy tale, with the lake, mountains, and rows of grapes surrounding us. John, the photographer you booked, took some amazing shots of us. The reception venue had been arranged just like we wanted, and the flowers and fairy lights just gave a magical feeling to the whole evening. All night family members kept coming up to our table to say how great the food was and how much fun they were having. It was hard to get people off the dancefloor at midnight, so overall I would say it was a success! It wouldn’t have been possible to arrange such a wedding from so far away without your help, so thanks to you and Penny for making it so special.

Kind regards,
Peter and Genevieve Nichols

Tjasa and Franz Rentel

13th March 2010 - Strandkombuis West Coast

Dear Sally,

I am taking a rainy morning in Zanzibar to thank everyone involved in the wedding before we rush back into the chaos of our working lives. The main thing I would like to say is that the wedding turned out like a dream - it was everything I could ever possibly wish for an more (ok, maybe with a bit less wind, but even that didn’t really bother me...). And the most important thing was: it was sooo what Franz & I are all about. :-) So thank you so much for all your help in making this happen, I know sometimes I got a bit impatient (I hope not rude..), I guess it was just pre-wedding anxiety. But everything was just perfect, Cindy did an amazing job with the decor, Rene’s guys were worth every penny and every moment of hassle :-), the food was great, the atmosphere was amazing...and most importantly, everyone loved it, we received nothing but compliments from all our guests. At the same time, it was super having you there on the day - both Franz and I had nothing to thing about other then enjoying our day and we could do it because you really took care of everything! And you were always one step ahead of me in preparing the next thing! :-) So as I said, in the end, everything came together perfectly and our wedding was without a doubt the happiest day of our lives. We will be happy to recommend you to any of our friends getting married in and around Cape Town in the future.

Best regards,
Tjasa & Franz

Marianna and Alex

10th March 2010 - Table Mountain

Dear Sally,

Hope you are well, and things are not too crazy with the approaching World Cup. We wanted to thank you and your team for the wonderful wedding experience - it was perfect, it could not have gone better if we had written a script. We took a chance because we wanted a unique and fun wedding, and we got very lucky because we picked Weddings Abroad. Everything went so smoothly because of your team’s flexibility and professionalism. Candice and Talita did such a great job with make up and hair. Andred performed a wonderful ceremony that was tailor-made for us. Table Mountain is a breathtaking location, and we have your phenomenal pictures to prove that it wasn’t all a dream. The pictures make us very happy because they really bring back the wedding day, and our family and friends loved them. The hardest part is picking our favorites, they are all great! Thank you so much for our once-in-a-lifetime experience that was unforgettable and completely stress-free! (Rare for a wedding - or so we hear). We wouldn’t change a thing!

Marianna and Alex

Peter and Kate Duff

25th February 2010 - Signal Hill

Hi Sally,

Just a short message to say thank you for making our wedding on Signal Hill on the 25th February such a special and wonderful experience. , all your hard work certainly made it a day to remember for us. Thank you again for all your effort.

Best Wishes.
Kate & Peter Duff

Michael and Sherrie and their son Cameron

18th February 2010 Table Mountain

Hi Sally,

Thank you for making yesterday a wonderful day for us - I’m sure you had control of the weather too!

Thanks again,

Gail and Keith

16th February 2010 - Llandudno Beach

Finding someone to arrange your wedding is never an easy choice to make especially when you have to do it all by email or so we thought, then we came across Sally and her team at ‘Weddings Abroad’. When Sally informed us that on the chosen date for our wedding the sun would set at precisely 1938hrs we knew we were in good hands. Well it was a year in advance so you have to be impressed. With Sally’s help we were able to find the perfect setting for our beach wedding and an amazing restaurant for dinner afterwards. We were really looked after in ‘Pure’ and the decor was really fitting for celebrating a beach wedding with all the drift wood and coral.....not to mention the first class food. So pleased too that the happiness and the emotions keith and myself felt on the day were clearly shown in the photographs and therefore easily conveyed to family and friends back home. Alas we cannot forget that amazing man Andred he was so warm and funny and just made our wedding unique and so very special. Keith and I cannot thank you Sally and your amazing team enough for a perfect stress free time leading up to the day and the wedding day itself. We just want to come back and do it all again. Thank you also to the make up artist Candice and co, the florist who did an excellent job and the drivers.

Good luck for the future to all at ‘Weddings Abroad’.
Keith and Gail Tingley

Carol and Stephen Cox

11th February 2010 - Windmill Beach

Hi Sally.

Stephen and I were extremely pleased with the service that you and Andred provided us with. The location was perfect and we were treated like royalty by the hotel. The ceremony, the photos, the organization- everything was great and we would recommend Weddings Abroad to anyone. I was on a high for several weeks afterwards, buoyed up by so many people complimenting us on the photos and saying that we looked lovely and I looked gorgeous.


Charlene and Cobus

23rd January 2010 - Kirstenbosch Gardens

Hi, Sally

Cobus and I would like to thank you again for the great service you have provided. Our wedding would not have been possible without you! We were really happy with everything. The venue I think was perfect for us. We loved the food and the atmosphere of the place. The music was also good with the string quartet very professional and their performance well rehearsed and rounded we thought. RE the DJ: We loved the gentleman who ended up helping us out after DJ Benoit broke his arm. Since we’ve been to Lara’s wedding as well, we could compare somewhat and actually ended up liking our guy much better. He appeared very professional and obviously knew what he was doing. We liked his music as well. Just the mike that gave some trouble in the garden. thank you for organising for him to be there with so little notice. Garth also did a great job, everybody loved the flowers and I especially loved the set-up in the garden. It would have been impossible for us to come anywhere near something like that on our own. Helga I just loved, I think she did a good job with the make-up and her assistant did as good a job with my mom and bridesmaid. The Alphen hotel was absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for setting that up! The cake was delicious and also exactly what we wanted. I’m not sure if I left anything out, but need to again thank you and your staff again for helping us have the perfect wedding. Except for me being late because of forgetting the bouquet, we would not change anything! It was good getting to know you and will be recommending you to all of our friends and family. It was wonderful to get to know you and to be able to rely on you and not having to worry about a thing, knowing that you are in control. Cobus’s favourite story about the wedding is that whenever somebody asked him details of the wedding, he could just say: “I don’t know, ask Sally” :-)

We wish you all of the best success and happiness for the future!
Charlene and Cobus

Lara and Wynand

9th January 2010 - Neethlingshof, Stellenbosch

Hi Sally

Thanks again for everything, you were fantastic, we had an absolute blast. The DJ was a smash-hit, so I’m really glad you hired him; Wynand and I were so exhausted around 2 am, but people wouldn’t leave, so Wynand had to go ask the DJ to stop the music so that they’d leave, but that didn’t work either! We ended up leaving at around 2:30am. Overall, we had a fantastic wedding and you were a huge part of it, so thank you very much.

Thanks again Sally!

Marie and Keith

31st December 2009 - Llandudno Beach

Where do we begin!

We found Sally from Weddings Abroad after deciding to travel from Ireland to Cape Town for our wedding, Sally is an amazing person that made our wedding stress free, she came in, faded into the background and captured the most amazing moments for us to look back on! She was flawless in her work etiquette and I couldn’t recommend her more highly, very professional, easy to work with and when it came to the final draft of the pictures Keith and I could not be happier! Our wedding day was beyond our expectations, Being a bride one always worries about the day, But let me tell you it was Sally who picked up on every detail even matching my nail varnish to the flowers, She recommended to us the most suitable people for each job, And she got it right every time, Our cake, flowers, minister, transport, hair & makeup were all perfect and made our day spectacular. After the most romantic relaxed enjoyable day of our life¹s, the final icing on the cake was seeing the finished product the photos, Sally¹s outstanding effort and with attention to detail showed in each and every photograph. We hope to renew our vows in 5 years time and without hesitation we will be contacting Weddings Abroad to organise it for us and Sally to capture those special moments.

Marie & Keith

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